Real Life Impacts

Client Goes out of Town and forgot to schedule a cat sitter

One of Whiskers At Home top 5 clients called one Friday night at 9pm to tell us she was home from her trip. However, she had forgotten to even tell us she was going out of town and as a result her cats hadn’t been visited in 2 days. I was panicked and heart broken. If she had been set up with our Virtual Imprints system before this unannounced trip she would have questioned things right away after not receiving any arrival and departure times and no emails. After getting that call that night I decided every house was getting a card and using Virtual Imprints. I don’t ever want to relive that night again!
- Jessica Dwyer, Owner of Whiskers At Home, LLC

Client needed detailed litter activity notes

An example of when the history of the detailed notes came in handy was at a four cat household we were caring for while the parents were gone for six days. Each day we scanned in, out and wrote our detailed recap notes that were sent to the parents. There were four cats in the house with only two litter boxes. Like every cat these kitties LOVED a freshly scooped litter box, so I scooped the boxes two or three times each visit. One of the things we include on our recap notes is litter box and food activity and whether a cat is acting normally. The parents returned late on a Friday night and on Sunday morning at 3am I got a panicked email saying they were at the emergency vet with their cat Marceline who had a potential blockage. They asked if I had noticed anything unusual over the week. I was able to review my notes in the system and send them detailed notes about her litter box activity on each day. During my visit with Marceline, the day that the parents returned, Marceline had in fact, pooped and I noted that in my notes. This information proved to be important for both the parents and doctor to help make a diagnosis. Marceline ended up having surgery and it was discovered that she had eaten one of her Mom’s hair bands while she was unpacking.
- Jessica Dwyer, Owner of Whiskers At Home, LLC

Client provides company with the incorrect return date and time

I always envisioned the reasons why Virtual Imprints could help my business, but it is great to see that vision come to life.

We have a client who hires us many times a year, and although we always send out a confirmation email that shows exactly what our scheduled services are going to be, I had a feeling that he stopped reading them. So one night around 9 pm, I get a text from him asking if anyone has been to the house to see his dogs. He said that he always looks for the emails when he is out of town because he enjoys reading our notes and seeing the photos we attach. That evening, he didn’t get an email. He became worried and when there wasn’t an email by 9 pm, thought that he should reach out to me.

I checked my emails from Virtual Imprints also, and the only one for the day was at 8 am. I checked our overall schedule and found the morning had been our last visit for the trip. I assured the client that we weren’t at his house, because we weren’t scheduled to be there. He didn’t get an email, because there wasn’t one. Then he proceeded to tell me that he won’t be home until the next night! He made a mistake when making the reservation and had failed to double check his confirmation email. I was able to get a sitter to see his dogs before any major damage had occurred that night and again the next morning. I can confidently say, that client is now a client for life- because of Virtual Imprints.

This system is just one more SAFETY SYSTEM in place between me, my staff and the clients. We won’t miss a visit again, even if it isn’t our fault.
- Jennifer Haralson, Owner of A Pause for Paws, Inc. Lincoln, NE