How do I sign up for Virtual Imprints service?

Please complete the "Contact Us" page on this site and we will be in touch with the details.

What do I need to do to get started?

Once we have agreed to the terms and we are ready to move forward, we will ask for your business information and logo to create the scan-in cards. Once those have been produced we will mail them to you. You will be provided two detailed instruction documents and we will set up a 60 minutes introduction meeting to get you set up and ready to use the system.

What equipment is needed for Virtual Imprints?

-A smart phone with enabled GPS and a camera equipped to capture video or photos.
-A customized QR code card (provided to you by Virtual Imprints). Each house will be assigned a card customized for that house.
-A QR app to download to the employee's smart phone. The app is available from the app and/or play store depending on the operating system of the smart phone. We provide free recommended and tested apps for all operating systems.
-Suggested item: A Bluetooth wireless keyboard for pet sitters to use for writing detailed notes.

Which operating systems does the system work on?

This is a web based system that works on Android, IPhone and Windows phones. However, we have found that Windows phones are unable to perform some of the functions.

Does Virtual Imprints track the employees GPS location continuously?

This system is designed to track ONLY when the QR code is scanned. It is NOT designed to track continuously.

What happens if a house doesn’t have a good cell phone signal?

In order to use Virtual Imprints the smart phone needs a good cell signal or Wi-Fi. You will run into houses located in dead spots. It's best to test the system when meeting with clients to see if you can get a good signal. If you are unable to get a consistently good signal ask if the pet parents have Wi-Fi that pet sitters can use. Most clients are willing to allow use of their Wi-Fi because they appreciate the benefits of VI. If you are unable to use Wi-Fi then let the pet parents know that the system can't be used at their house. This is rarely an issue but when it is you can have your employee email the recap notes to your office and then you can forward them to the pet parents.

Is there a charge to use Virtual Imprints?

Yes, there is an initiation fee that includes 15 cards, and a 60 minute training session. Monthly pricing will be based on usage. Please contact us for more information.

How much do the scan-in cards cost?

A laminated, magnetic card with your company information costs $3 each.

How can I order new scan-in Cards?

In the Virtual Imprints system we provide you with an order form to order more cards. Payment is due at the time of the order. Scan Cards are produced and shipped on the Fifteenth (15th) and Thirtieth (30th) of each month.

Shipping charges will be billed to Client for any order under 15 scan cards.

Client may cancel an order at any time prior to the applicable Production Date by emailing a cancellation request. Client will receive a refund if the cancellation request is received prior to the Production Date.

Does each house get assigned its own scan-in card?

Yes, each house is required to be assigned its own card. In the VI system each house's information is actually safely stored on our internal servers. For data safety reasons the scan card itself does not contain information. Rather, the card number accesses the information on the servers and lets you make changes. The following information is retained on the system and can be changed by you:
-Pet name
-Pet parents' name(s)
-Pet parents' email and/or phone number information
-A customized check list that you create for that house
-The scan-in card number
-The level of how the client will be notified
-History of the house and pet
-Key inventory

Where do you keep the card at client’s house?

When you first meet with the pet parents, determine a good place to put the QR card. The location is important. When your employee is on the job, the card needs to be in a location that: -is well lit with no shadows. -gets good cell phone reception. -is as close as possible to the door s/he will enter and exit by. When the pet parents are due back, the card should be returned to a safe place where it will not be lost and is easily found by another sitter in the future. A recommended location is on the refrigerator.

What do you do if a client loses a scan-in card?

When you first introduce the system to your pet parents it is important to stress the card should be kept in a safe location because there is a replacement fee if the card is lost. A recommended replacement card fee for you to charge is $10. You can then assign another card to the house or contact Virtual Imprints and have us remake the card that was lost. There will be a $3 fee to you for the new card.

Can the employees have the card on their key chain?

No, the system is designed to have the card remain in the house so the pet sitter has to actually enter the house to scan the card.

If a client moves, can I reuse the scan card?

Yes, you are able to reset the scan card; however you will lose all data regarding the old house. It is suggested that before you reset the card that you run reports on the history of that house and either print or save them for any future needs.

Are their different levels of service a pet parent can choose from?

Yes, there are 3 levels a pet parent can enjoy using Virtual Imprints:
-Receive only the recap email or text with no check in or out emails or text messages.
-Receive email or text messages for check in, out and email recaps.
-Receive all three messages plus a username and password to allow them to review the history of the scans and recap notes.

Can we send a picture when clients use the texting option/feature?

When the pet parents choose to get texts as their notification method pictures will not be transmitted. In order to receive pictures they must choose email as their method of notification.

What does the system provide me as the owner of the company?

-Peace of mind for you and the pet parents to know their sitter has arrived successfully. -A customized check list of tasks an employee must accomplish at a given house. -The ability to view online the (approximate) location of where the employee scanned the card. -The ability to view the times the employee arrived and departed. -The ability to view the notes the employee put in the system about their time with the kitties. -A report of the average time your employee was at a house. -Reports of the history of the house's activity, times, and recap notes. -The ability to upload videos and pictures in a centralized system to send to the client.

What type of training is needed for employees?

There will be training involved with getting your employees up and running. We provide you with a sitters' guide to getting started. The employee will have to download a QR app to their smart phone. During training we suggest having a designated "training card" for sitters to practice with. When you are starting out, give the employee 5 to 10 days of practicing the system before going live at clients' houses. It is a new procedure to them and it will take a few days for them to adjust to the new routine.

How do you suggest I roll this out to my employees and clients?

-Employees: We suggest sharing the benefits of the system to your employees: It is for their safety and the ability to store back-up confirmation of their quality hard work.
-Clients: We provide you with two "Welcome to the System" emails for you to customize with your own company's information and then send to your clients. We suggest sharing with the clients the great benefits and peace of mind that Virtual Imprints offers.

How can this increase my revenue?

Companies that use this system have been able to increase their rates or add a service fee for receiving the emails. Virtual Imprints provides your clients a higher level of service that allows you to create revenue.

Does this system do scheduling or accounting?

This system is an important "add on" that is vital to the success of your business and can increase your revenue and creditability. Our focus is on quality assurance and client communication. We do not offer accounting and scheduling services.

Why use QR encoded scan cards rather than going online to check in or out?

The QR encoded scan cards are location specific. As long as the card remains in a client's home, the sitter must be present in the home to check in and out. This method provides more credibility than checking in using a website, which can be done from any location. One added benefit of using the scan cards is that they are personalized with your contact information printed on them.

Why do you not make your own mobile app?

With the different type of phones and operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, etc) it is difficult to make an app fit all phone types. We have also found that there are other companies that make excellent QR code reading applications. This allows you to pick the best QR reading app that works best on your model of phone rather than locking you into one app that may or may not work well on your particular phone.