Customized Features To Fit Your Company



Virtual Imprints was designed with the understanding that each pet sitting company is different and has different needs.

Each aspect of Virtual Imprints allows you to customize and fit your company. For example:
- Email or texts: choose whether parents get notifications by email or text.
- Different signature lines for different uses: The bottom of notifications can be a great marketing tool to help grow your business. You can create a different signature line or marketing message for each type of notification or communication. Do you have upcoming company events to share? Do you want to promote your referral program? Here you can create distinct signature lines for each emailing.
- Standardized welcome email: you can choose to send a welcome email to your pet parents explaining the system. You create the welcome email to fit your company needs, policies and expectations.
- Checklists: As the company owner you decide what tasks to add to the "general" check list for each visit.

Customize Options for each House and Pet



 Virtual Imprints allows you to tailor the system to meet the different needs of each house and pet.

- Notifications: add multiple email addresses to allow 1 or more parents to receive notifications.
 - Email or texts: choose whether parents get notifications by email or text. (Texts do not include photos.)
 - Checklist: list which tasks a sitter is to complete at that house
 - Different notification options: select one of four methods for a parent to receive notifications:
 1. No notifications, uses the system internally
 2. Receives check in, out and recap notifications
 3. Receives recap notifications only
 4. Receives log in information to view their history
 - "Back up" pet sitter email: add a backup sitter's email address so they will receive copies of all communications for a house. They will be aware of any issues or discussions in case they need to take over for the current sitter.
- Pictures of Pets: You can upload a picture of the pets in that house to show up on the sitter's check in screen. Sitters can see the picture of each pet with the pet's name next to the picture. No more confusion of who's who in a 4 cat household.

Customized Check Lists for each House and Pet



Virtual Imprints allows you to customize a check list for each house and pet you care for.

The sitter completes the check list at the end of the visit to ensure that all tasks requested by the pet parent are finished.

Examples on a check list may be:
-Changed out water
-Gave wet food
-Gave dry food
-Kitty went #2
-Played with the ball
-Scooped litter - normal activity

Include Photos and Videos



Virtual Imprints has the ability to upload videos and pictures to the parents of their cat(s) or dog(s) showing how happy and content their pets are.

These media files are stored in the Virtual Imprints system for two months. They are great to use for social media to increase engagement and build your customer base.

Standardized Client Communication



Virtual Imprints creates a standardized, consistent communication system for all sitters to use.

No longer are your sitters texting or emailing the client from their own phone numbers or emails. The scan in, scan out, visit recap notifications are generated via Virtual Imprints on behalf of the sitter going directly to the parents. Parents no longer have access to the sitters personal email or phone number. They only need the company's contact information.

If a parent wants to respond to a question or comment their sitter emailed, the parent simply replies to the email and Virtual Imprints automatically sends the email to the company's main email address. This keeps the company owner, admin person and office in the loop of all communication.

Daily Activities Viewable On Website



As the owner or administrator of the company, you are able to log into Virtual Imprints to view a sitter's activities for the day.

You can also filter the results by choosing past dates; by specifying scan-in card history; or selecting a specific date.

 The daily activities pages provide you with the following information:
-Name of the sitter who completed the scans and notes
-Date and time stamps for "in"
-Date and time stamps for "out"
-Approximate GPS location
-Visit recap notes sent by the sitter
-Items completed on the checklist by the sitter
-Attached video or photos the sitter sent to the client

Informative Reports



Virtual Imprints allows you to run a wide variety of reports to understand and elevate your business as well as view history.

 Here are examples of some of the reports you can create:
-Check in and out by card ID, by employee, by date or by clients 
-Key Inventory reports
-Download history of photos or videos that have been sent to clients.

 These reports show:
-Time in and out
-Total time of visit
-Comments (if you choose to include them)
-Average time of a pet sitter's visits for the day
-Time between each visit (could be travel time)

Key Inventory



Virtual Imprints provides a key inventory system. We create QR tags to match the house scan-in card ID code.

An "in" QR code is placed where you store/file your keys to match that house. We provide "out" QR code labels to be attached to keys. When a sitter gets a key they scan the "out" tag and Virtual Imprints assigns that key to the sitter. When the sitter returns the key, the owner or office staff scans the "in" tag as the key is filed back in the office.

You are able to log into the Virtual Imprints website and see which keys are currently assigned to a sitter at any time. This is helpful to know for when you do staff inventories, when you must assign a key to a backup sitter and need to know who has the current keys, in case the sitter misplaces their key bag or their car gets broken into, etc.

Photo credits:

Nancy Winberg of NW Art & Design