Why Sitters and Parents Love Virtual Imprints

Why Sitters Love Virtual Imprints


  • They love showing the Pet Parents how their cats and dogs are doing: the pets are being engaged, enjoying their time with the sitter and that the sitter is providing them with love.  Most sitters enjoy sharing these experiences with pictures and videos.
  • It shows the Parents how hard they are working; which items they completed and how long they were at the house.
  • Neighbors can no longer dispute how long they were at the Parent's house, as it's all recorded when they scan in and out.
  • The checklist provides them with clear expectations of what is required to be completed at each house.
  • It's convenient, no longer do they need to keep track of paper and pen to leave notes for their client.  They can even use "talk to text" on their phone to complete recap notes faster.
  • Increased gratuities as the Parents experience and appreciate the care they provide in real time.
  • More referrals to the company due to met or exceeded expectations means more jobs/hours for them.

Why Parents Love Virtual Imprints

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  • Peace of mind in real time knowing their babies are happy, cared for and safe.
  • Clear communication about when visits occur; no more incorrectly scheduled visits
  • Client sees and experiences the value of the service they paid for, because of the additional information they receive from the Virtual Imprints system. More information about the service they paid for = Higher perceived value/happier customers.