Virtual Imprints Pays for Itself

You love the Virtual Imprints system–but have concerns as to how you can afford it?

Use of the Virtual Imprints system is designed to not only pay for itself—but to actually increase your revenue and profitability. How?

  • Having more information about daily staff activities means you can train your staff better.
  • Better trained staff equates to Improved Client Retention/Happier Clients.

Happier clients leads to client referrals of new business.


Cost to implement Virtual Imprints

“ABC Pet Sitters” has 200 regular clients and 3 staff members. Let’s break down the cost to them to implement Virtual Imprints, and see how it will pay for itself in one year:

  • $99 (for initial setup--includes 15 client QR cards and two month of service)
  • $555 ($3.00 for each client QR card, 185 clients)
  • $349.90 ($34.99 for 200 total client cards/10 months of Virtual Imprints service)

1st Year Investment: $1003.90

Ongoing Monthly Cost $34.99, as more client referrals come in your business will grow requiring more QR cards; $3 each card.


How Virtual Imprints pays for itself

In order for Virtual Imprints to pay for itself, ABC Pet Sitters has to reduce its client turnover, improve training of staff and improve its overall service level enough to make $1004 more in profit, and it will pay for itself and then some.

Obviously the cost of getting one new client and how much revenue each new client will generate will vary depending on the pet sitting company’s clientele, market, pricing, etc., but here is an estimate based on ABC’s real information.

Before Virtual Imprints:

  • ABC Pet Sitter’s average client generates $425 per year in revenue.
  • Last year, without Virtual Imprints, ABC lost, on average, 1 client per month because of service-related issues. 1 lost client/month x 12 months is 12 clients lost per year, or $5,100 in lost revenue due to service issues.
  • ABC Pet Sitter will have to outlay additional monies to market/advertise to recoup the $5,100 in lost revenue and to gain 12 new clients, just to be back at the same point they started.
  • New client growth rates have been relatively stagnant from month to month.

This year ABC Pet Sitter uses Virtual Imprints:

  • Client complaints are down 50% this year due to the PROACTIVE monitoring of ABC’s staff activities and by being able to retrain them immediately when they do not follow proper policies/procedures.
  • ABC now only loses .5 clients per month due to service-related issues. .5 clients/month x 12 months = 6 clients lost per year. Only $2,550 in lost revenue, compared to $5,100 last year. Virtual Imprints has paid for itself already!
  • In addition, improved customer service with Virtual Imprints has also made ABC’s clients happier across the board. New client referral rates have now started to increase by 2 new clients per month.
  • 2 new clients per month means 24 new clients per year due to the improved service with Virtual Imprints.
  • 24 new clients at $425 in revenue per year = $10,625 in additional revenue.

Virtual Imprints has paid for itself AND increased your business revenue at the same time!