What company owners are saying…

I love the quality assurance and oversight abilities that VI gives me, as a business owner. VI gives me peace of mind concerning safety with my staff. I can spot if a sitter is delayed at a visit and reach out to them with a quick phone call, to see if everything is OK. I can track their travel time between visits and be sure my payroll expenses are kept in budget. With VI, I know which visits have been done and which ones are still being completed.

Clients expect me to know what is going on at their house at all times, and now with VI, I can honestly communicate with them on what is happening. What’s better? The sitter can communicate with the client through VI without inadvertently giving her personal email or cell phone information. I see all of the communication, whether it is by text or email and I can interject when necessary. From the little, but important things, like the sitter referring to Sam as a “she” when it is a “he” to a sitter forgetting to administer medications at their morning visit. I can, now, catch these errors and correct them within a few hours.

I went years “hoping” all of my sitters were going to their assigned visits in the correct time frames and staying the correct visit length. I waited until the end of the day, for the sitters to “check off” the visits they completed. Now I know if that is happening, instantly. I have the knowledge and power to correct a mistake right away, rather than waiting for the clients to come home and leave me a message that they found something wrong.

VI also allows me to GPS track my sitters and their visit lengths. Since the VI communication tool uses GPS and a magnetic scan card at the client’s house, there is a small chance for anyone on my staff to “fudge the numbers.” The sitters aren’t allowed to check in until they are INSIDE the house. They can’t check out until they are leaving the house. I get a more accurate account of the time they spend at the visit and traveling in-between visits.
Jennifer Haralson, Owner of A Pause for Paws, Inc. Lincoln, NE

Whiskers At Home prides itself on detailed communication with cat parents using Virtual Imprints. The implementation of the Virtual Imprints system into Whiskers At Home’s daily operation has been life changing for clients, employees and me. It offers peace of mind for everyone. As the business owner, I can use the system to see when an employee has arrived at and left a client’s house and what happened during their visit. Whiskers At Home employees love the system because it creates a record of their work. They also appreciate having a check list designed for each house they visit so they can ensure all details are covered. The reaction from Whiskers At Home cat parents has been extremely positive. People love it!
Jessica, Owner of Whiskers At Home, LLC


What employees are saying…

I love being able to use Virtual Imprints when I’m doing a pet sit. First of all- it is way more convenient than trying to keep papers and pencils handy– and with talk to text, it is much faster! Not to mention, you can’t include a cute photo with paper notes! I also love the peace of mind it provides by providing instant information. I know I am a good pet sitter, but I feel even better that my pet parents are getting real time updates on the fur kids at home.
Lisa, Employee of A Pause for Paws, Inc in Lincoln, NE

I like that the clients know in real time when I arrive and when I leave their home and that I can leave a detailed message of what happens each time I visit. I enjoy the fact that Jessica can monitor and follow up with any questions or concerns that I have for the clients. The client can then respond to my suggestions or comments within the same day or sometimes the same hour. I feel fortunate to have easy and direct access to the clients to address their cat health issues right away. What I value most about the system is that I am able to send a photo or video to the clients so they can see a few moments of their pet’s day: see that they are doing well and are being engaged and enjoying their time with us. I find it very rewarding to share that with our clients and I know that they have peace of mind that their cats are doing well in their absence.
Jennifer, Employee of Whiskers At Home, LLC

I appreciate how simple Virtual Imprints is to use when I have a busy day and am running from pet sit to pet sit! As a pet owner myself, I know animals can become a big part of the family and how much they mean to their pet parents. It’s comforting knowing that Virtual Imprints gives my clients the peace of mind they need. It is a great program to use to strengthen the trust between sitter and client.
Beth, Employee of A Pause for Paws, Inc in Lincoln, NE


What clients are saying…

Every pet sitter should have a system like the one Whiskers At Home has! With an easy scan card it sends immediate emails so I know who came, what time and for how long. At the end of each visit I get email notes and a photo or video. Jessica can tailor the frequency of emails to my needs too. It completely eliminates any worries about missed appointments and is an excellent way to communicate. I’ve told other pet lovers about it and they all wish their pet sitter had this.
Chris, Cat Client of Whiskers At Home, LLC

Thank you for sending me the confirmation for Scout’s pet sits next week and for adding Virtual Imprints to the bill for just $5. I’ll be checking my Gmail address but not my work one. Can you please check the email address where the emails will be sent? We appreciate that you offer this and enjoy seeing emails from our pet sitter while we’re traveling 🙂 Thanks,
Karen, Pet Parent of A Pause for Paws, Inc

Every time I received the “check in” e-mail, it put my mind at ease knowing that someone was in fact at the house and looking after my boys. I absolutely LOVED getting the comments at the end of each visit!!! I use to ask pet sitters to please send me e-mail or voicemail as soon as they checked in the first time just so I knew the keys were working and there were no issues. With this new system, it takes all the worry out of the process. Great system!!! FANTASTIC!!! LOVE IT!!!
Nicole, Cat Parent of Whiskers At Home, LLC

About virtual imprints: I think it is so great. I can check my email at work late in the day. I get very excited to see the email from the pet sitter, stating how my boys are doing. I laugh at how they show their antics to the pet sitter. I truly enjoy the pictures that are sent on occasion it makes my day go so much better. It is a recharge for me, I can make it to 7pm to see my boys.
Connie Walters, Pet Parent of A Pause for Paws, Inc